About Business Smarts
Professional Website Design

Business Smarts was created in April 2009 and operated out of a small home office by owner Eddie Jauregui in Culver City, CA. The vision was to provide affordable and reliable professional website services to individuals and small companies throughout the surrounding area.  Eddie Jauregui has 10+ years of web development experience. Soon after we opened our doors our friends and family started using our services and recommending us to their friends, family and colleagues.  Business Smarts rapidly began to grow and in February 2010 we moved into a 2,000 sq ft. office in Culver City CA.

We understand that our success depends on yours.  This is why we are invested in your success and our promise to you is “service from a forgotten age”.  We are committed to delivering high quality, high tech service day in and day out, rain or shine. Scouts honor, we promise to always bring the best and latest in website technology to save you time and money. We promise to support your business goals start to finish, from the ground up – detail by task by detail.

Business Smarts is invested in your success.